Manufacturing programme

  • Zinc-dipped pressure vessels for automatic water stations – type TNSv
  • Vertical and horizontal air tanks, types Vsv 11Vsv 101Vlv 11Vlv 101
  • Air chambers, types VS-KHVs 101Vl 101VSo 10
  • Expanders, type Vse 12
  • Heat exchangers, types VV-2 UHVV-1 RHPV-2 UHVV-4 HRVV-2 UVPV-2 UV
  • Vertical and horizontal water heaters, types OVL 21OVL 22OVS 21OVS 22
  • De-aerators – pressure vessels for removing air from water in heating systems
  • Sludge pans K200 to K600 for trapping impurities in heating systems
  • Accumulation containers, types ANKMX
  • Zero pressure containers, types Nlk 13Nlu 14Nsu 14Nxk 211Nx 21
  • Air tanks designed for the assembly of mobile compressors
  • Air reservoirs for road cars – with single room, according to »SN EN 286-2, types Vz TrVz KrsVz Spc
  • Air reservoirs for road cars – double room type
  • Horizontal tanks ZH
  • Air reservoirs for the pneumatic brakes of railroad cars Vz »D
  • Air reservoirs for railroad cars according to »SN EN 286-3, types Vz »D 91655
  • All-purpose filter for crude water treatment, types UFpUFkUFau
  • Water treatment appliances for the power industry
  • Special-purpose containers for the power industry (over-blow vessels for the pneumatic transport of flue dust, etc.)
  • Custom manufacturing of pressure vessels and heat exchangers according to the customer’s requirements
  • Production of atypical piping components
  • Pressing of bottoms with a diameter of 102mm up to 600mm
  • Pressing of 80x120 handles
  • Curling of plates up to 3500mm in diameter and 3000mm in width and with a material thickness of 16mm


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